Sunway Malls Idea Dropbox Challenge is an internal ideation challenge that encourages Sunwayians to contribute ideas and build innovation solutions that could bring a positive impact to Sunway Malls business and also personal development.

You will get to be part of our dynamic innovation ecosystem and learn the tools to launch & commercialise your innovative idea. In addition, Sunway Malls Idea Dropbox Challenge allows you to showcase your talents (through 1-1 coaching or mentoring) and enriches your personal development with new skillsets such as design thinking and developing a resilient growth mindset to overcome challenges.

Sunway Malls Idea Dropbox Challenge is completely free! All you need to do is start registering and innovating!

No, they don’t have to be! We love a diverse team!

All you need to do is register, participate in the informative speaker series, and submit your ideas based on the challenge statements provided.

If you are selected for Demo Day (the final stage of the competition), you will get the opportunity present your idea to a panel of judges. If your idea is selected by the judges, you will be awarded the opportunity to further develop your project.

We strongly encourage you to join all three sessions as it will help you grasp a better understanding on the innovation process and provide you with a live question and answer opportunity at the end of each session.

You should include the following in your pitch deck;

  • Team introduction
  • What problem are you solving? How many people needs this problem solved?
  • Your proposed solution
  • What are the benefits/Advantages of your solution?
  • How would your solution benefit Sunway Malls
  • How does your solution work? What does your solution do?
  • Uniqueness of your solution – Is there any similar solution in the market? Who are your key competitors? How do you differentiate from your competitors?
  • How would you like to bring your idea to life? How would you like to implement your idea and what are the resources or supports that are needed?

In a maximum of 15 slides

  • Need: Is the problem you aim to solve meets the needs of Sunway Malls Idea Dropbox Challenge?
  • Approach: Is your proposed solutions fits the problem that you are aiming to solve? How does your solution work? What does your solution do?
  • Benefits: How would your solution benefit Sunway Malls?
  • Competition: Uniqueness of your solution
  • Implementability/Scalability: Can your idea be implemented after Sunway Idea Dropbox Challenge?

The winner/winning team will received RM10,000 cash per team; retreat session with Sunway EXCO; recognition from the Top Management of Sunway; acknowledgement on Sunway Group’s social media channels; full board package stay at The Banjaran; and also the possibility to convert your innovative idea into a project that will be implemented in Sunway Malls

The judges will be announced 1 week prior to the demo day.

We will announce the winners through our social media channels and via email.

We will provide structural support that includes, but is not limited to: project funding (internal funding, Sunway Innovation Matching Fund), project resources (expertise, co-creation with our network of Sunway University affiliates and external parties), 1-1 coaching and mentoring from the management team