Social Innovation Support Unit

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About SISU

Sunway Social Innovation Support Unit is part of Sunway iLabs which is a unique, not- for-profit
concept where Sunway University, Sunway Group, and Sunway Ventures
(Sunway’s Corporate Venture Capital arm) work closely together in a collaborative space to foster
entrepreneurship and stimulate market-driven ideas and social innovations.

iLabs syncs with the wider start-up and social enterprise ecosystem in Malaysia and
abroad through collaborations and strategic partnerships. It enables social innovators or
entrepreneurs to scale their impact or business faster. What’s more interesting about
Sunway SISU is that it has two physical spaces one that caters for startups and corporates
which also doubles a co-working space (for strategic partners) and a second space called
the Makerspace which supports budding entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in the
university campus.

SISU Projects

The Human Library

a global movement that seeks to promote dialogue, reduce prejudice and encourage understanding by bringing together a range of human books- all with a unique story to share

Good Tavern

a platform where you can discover and connect with social enterprises that are driving for social change

Make it Challenge

a program that was designed to bring students closer to the industry and corporate environment by giving them opportunity to solve real industry problems.

Global Goals
Labs for Youth

a programme for aspiring young entrepreneurs to actively participate in the global development agenda through implementing local Impact Projects.

SAY Empower

participants attempt to tackle real-life social problems through an intensive 12-week program through a stepby-step process of identifying, formulating, planning, implementing and evaluating impact-driven projects.


a mission to change the lives of marginalised youth by providing them with job opportunities through urban farming.

Belantara School

an Eco-school designed to bring the children community in urban areas to reach out to nature and be connected with other young communities who are closer to nature.

Life Origin

is a profit driven social enterprise focusing on delivering impact to


consists of three young change makers who are passionate about modern ways of farming. They were incubated at Sunway SISU through the Global Goals Lab.

Satirical Satin Project

a social initiative to promote youth inclusive development and sustainable environment in Malaysia in the pursuit to achieve sustainable development in Malaysia

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