Sunway iLabs Make It Challenge 2018

Smart and sustainable cities (Industry 4.0)

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A 1-week trip to UC Berkeley, USA for two innovative students

1st Place

RM 3,000

2nd Place

RM 2,000

3rd Place

RM 1,000

Potential for best solutions to be implemented in Sunway Group

By joining the Make It Challenge, you will gain the opportunity to:

  1. Solve real-life challenges faced by Sunway Group.
  2. Play a role in the development of the future city in Sunway
  3. Build a prototype in the iLabs Makerspace for validation
  4. Participate in an exclusive workshop by UC Berkeley
  5. Gain access to mentors from the industry
  6. Learn about industry 4.0
  7. Win cash prizes and a trip to UC Berkeley

In essence, the Make It Challenge consists of 3 phases.

Ideate > Make > Validate


You will start off with an idea to solve a real-life challenge faced by Sunway Group.


You’ve got your idea? Good. Now it’s time to make a prototype!

We will run workshops during the Prototyping Workshop on building your prototype. This will be the simplest prototype possible or a minimal viable product (MVP) which that can carry out the core function of the solution.


Test that prototype!

Now you can test your prototype in a “test bed” provided by Sunway A test bed is a sufficiently small space that is capable of replicating the market for you to gain feedback and validation on your prototype.

Once your prototype has validated the demand or effectiveness of the solution, it can be implemented within Sunway Group and eventually scaled to the market.


You can apply to participate in the competition through this online application. This competition is only open to Sunway University and Sunway College students.

60 selected participants will be announced on 24th September 2018.

We want to hear your thoughts on what an ideal Smart City would consist of in the questionnaire. Your answer to this question will determine whether you are selected to participate in the Make It Challenge.

Make It Challenge Timeline
iLabs Make It Challenge 2018
  • 19 Sep (Wed)

    Application Deadline

    Only open to Sunway University & Sunway College students

  • 24 Sep (Mon)

    Announcement of Selected Participants

    60 applicants will be selected to join 40 more

  • 29 Sep (Sat)

    Launch of Make It Challenge

    • Introduction to competition and Sunway Challenge
    • Team formation
  • 06-08 Oct (Sat-Mon)

    UC Berkeley Workshop

    • Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship
    • Design Thinking Methodology
  • 15-19 Oct (Mon-Fri)

    Build A Prototype

    • 15 Oct, 4 pm -6 pm: Arduino 101
    • 16 Oct, 4 pm -6 pm: IoT Platforms by Xperanti
    • 17 Oct, 4 pm -6 pm: Internet of Things (IoT) 101 by Google
    • 18 Oct, 4 pm -6 pm: 3D Printing by Pebblereka
    • 19 Oct, 4 pm -6 pm: Fusion 360 by Pebblereka
  • Mentoring & Building Phase

    Access to Makerspace and mentors

  • 29 Oct (Mon)

    Submit Pitch Decks

    Pitch decks will explain prototype and validation results

  • 31 Oct (Wed)

    Announcement of Top 10 Finalist

    10 teams will be selected for the Final Pitch

  • 03 Nov (Sat)

    Pitch Workshop

    Conducted by experienced startup investors

  • 09 Nov (Fri)

    Final Pitch

    Judged by industry experts and investors

Application Deadline (19 September 2018)

Online applications will close at 6 pm on 19 September, 2018.

Announcement of Selected Participants (24 September 2018)

60 participants will be selected to join the Make It Challenge and are eligible to attend the Launch.

Launch of Make It Challenge (29 September 2018)

This will be a half-day session where all participants will be introduced to the following:

  1. Rules of the Make It Challenge.
  2. Problem statements and challenges from Sunway

We will then assign you into teams of five for the competition.

UC Berkeley Workshop (06-08 October 2018)

Experts from UC Berkeley will run a session on the Berkeley method of entrepreneurship.

All teams will be guided through a Design thinking methodology centered around the challenges by Sunway Group. This early stage will be the foundation for you to build you prototypes in the next session.

Prototyping Workshop (15-19 October 2018)

Five workshops will be conducted to empower you with tools to build their prototypes. Not all sessions are compulsory.

You may attend only those which are relevant to your solution.

  • 15 Oct, 4 pm -6 pm: Arduino 101
  • 16 Oct, 4 pm -6 pm: IoT Platforms by Xperanti
  • 17 Oct, 4 pm -6 pm: Internet of Things (IoT) 101 by Google
  • 18 Oct, 4 pm -6 pm: 3D Printing by Pebblereka
  • 19 Oct, 4 pm -6 pm: Fusion 360 by Pebblereka

Mentoring & Building Phase (13-28 October 2018)

This will be the period where all teams will double down on developing their protoypes for the final pitch. They will have access to the following resources:

  • Makerspace
  • Mentorship
  • Feedback from Sunway Group

You will be able to access the Makerspace to use the tools, equipment and space if needed. You will also have access to one-on-one mentorship sessions with the relevant industry players. During this time, You can ask for feedback from Sunway Group.

Pitch Deck Submission Deadline, 6 pm (29 October 2018)

All teams must submit their pitch decks which explains their solution, prototype, and validation results. 10 finalists will be shortlisted from this stage.

Announcement of Top 10 Finalists, 6 pm (31 October 2018)

10 teams of finalists will be announced to join the Final Pitch.

Pitch Workshop (03 November 2018)

A pitch workshop for the top 10 finalist will be conducted to guide them to build their pitch decks for the final pitch.

Final Pitch (09 November 2018)

10 teams will pitch to a panel of judges consisting of industry experts and investors. The pitch will consist of the thinking behind their solution, a showcase of their prototypes, and the results of their validation.

The top 3 teams from this pitch will win cash prizes and two individual winners will be announced to win a one-week trip to UC Berkeley, USA.

Post Competition

All solutions could potentially be implemented in Sunway Group and brought to market.

iLabs will run a crowdfunding campaign with crowdfunding operator, PitchIN to get a buy in from Sunway Group and the end users for the projects that are chosen to be implemented.