About Us

Launched in 2017, Sunway iLabs aims to foster entrepreneurship and stimulate market-driven innovations, to help entrepreneurs become more competitive in this rapidly changing environment.

We are a unique, non-profit, smart partnership between a large conglomerate, a Venture Capital unit, and a University (Sunway Group, Sunway Ventures/ SunSea Capital and Sunway University).

It is well connected with the wider start-up ecosystem in Malaysia and abroad through collaborations and strategic partnerships, to enable entrepreneurs to scale their business faster.



Meet the Team

Our team consists of driven people that are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Together with our network of mentors and industry experts, we are able to help entrepreneurs at different stages of development; from pre-seed to growth to exit. We are also tightly linked to advisors from Sunway University and work with experts from other top global universities. 

Matthijs van Leeuwen


"A truly Malaysianised Dutchman who loves
a good nasi lemak, the innovative way. "

Eleanor Choong

Venture Builder

" Want to see plants, people and passions grow "

Karen Lau

Senior Manager

" Actively driving works that jump boundaries and lives with a coffee machine "

Dr. Beh Ching Yew

Manager - Technology Transfer & Innovation

" P.ossibly H.ard to D.escribe "

Mirosha Somasundram

Operations Executive

" I have 10 notebooks with 15 labels for 5 different things"

Yap Joong Sern

Makerspace Assistant

" Proud to be the youngest in the team 😎 "

Thila Vijayan

Makerspace Coordinator

" Professor Dumbledore of Makerspace. "

Opportunities To Join Us

Social Media &
Content Production


Business Development

If these (internship or full time) roles interest you, send  your resume to ‘ilabs.community@sunway.edu.my’ 

and we will be in touch to have a conversation.

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